7 Minute Workout Challenge App Reviews

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Off to a good start!

I started as soon as I bought it! Sad to say, I was out of breath. Im looking forward to doing more. Im hoping this will kick start me to do other more active things. I love the activity tracker too! I believe it will motivate and challenge me to do more. You can earn or buy more exercise packages. Im going to try to earn them so it motivates me to workout more. If I get bored, I also have another workout app I can combine. Id be curious to know if anyone has lost a significant amount of weight or inches from this app?


Application très efficace

Easy to do workout

By no means is this workout easy, but it is easy to get done. In my busy schedule running and growing my business I needed a workout easy to fit into my schedule. This app and workout routine has been the answer.

Great workout in 7 minutes for beginners So far so goo

So far so good this is my second day trying it and I like it. Looking forward to increase it more. I like the simplicity of this workout.

Lack of Apple TV is killing the app

So many equivalents are being released that include being universal with the Apple TV and are even less of a cost. I really like this app but its unfortunate that copy cat apps are surpassing this one.

Great Workout!

This app is great for people who dont like working out! It can be as little or as much as you want it to be. One circuit is a good quick workout while increasing the number of circuits keeps you challenged!

New Team member

I just joined the 7 minute work out team and Im glad I did. I completed one circuit at work. I want to work my way up to completing 2 or more circuits at one time.


I want to keep in good shape this summer because my extra curricular activities are over, and this is a great way to get that excercise in!

So far so good!!

Love the app so far! Love how it talks you through the workout! Going to keep on doing it for sure!!


Super easy to get started! Fits into my crazy schedule. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Love it

Great app I have needed something quick and fast to do!


This is great for the busy family. Easy and only 7 mins


First time I try this app and I must say I absolutely love it! I got through one circuit and I was sweating like crazy! I cannot wait to keep using it!!!


This app makes it possible for me to work exercising into my very busy schedule...and yes, I have children!!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!

7 minutes! You cant beat that..

This app is so convenient. You can do 7 minutes of exercise anywhere! Nice and easy.


Very nice and easy!


Awesome guided exercise app with options. Easy and intuitive to use. Very motivating...who didnt have 7 minutes?



gets you going

great for getting back into working out. see results pretty quick and you can build by repeating the circuit as your stamina builds.

Great App

Gets me up in the morning to work out. Simple, easy to use and despite the simplicity of the exercises you begin to feel the results of your workout quickly

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